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Suds Frosties & Lagers

It’s always nice to think about a cold beer while you’re running around some city or place. At the nearest bar, there should always be one waiting for you to give it a bit of attention or should I say, suck it back.

The beers really depend on where you are though. Some Brits like their Bitter, and it’s warm! Brazilians like’em ice cold. Frenchies like’em but in moderation unfortunately and South Africans love’em nice and chilled.

All in all, beer is good, damn good actually and tasting different ones from around the world is always fun. Tasting a few is even better. I always like to try and support the local beers ’cause I can always get a Heineken or Bud, or whatever the international beer available is, somewhere else.

There’s a pretty cool site on the web that rates beers from different countries. Check out The site is cool but I guess good beer means different things to different people eh?

I like lager and I’m having one right now! 🙂

February 17th, 2006


Part II

Air Canada replied to our letter of complaint the other day. Their reply basically confirmed receipt of our letter and said that it was being forwarded to the appropriate person/department to deal with. It stated that we could expect an answer in about 4-6 weeks and thanked us for our patience in the meantime – well what else are we going to do?!

So, Air Canada has bought themselves another 4-6 weeks to reply. I look forward to their reply. It should be rather interesting … I wonder which lawyer is going to deal with this one.

If you have any interesting travel complaints, pass them on here, let’s keep this ball rolling!

February 17th, 2006

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