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Camping is an economical and enjoyable way to spend a vacation. It allows travellers to spend more time outdoors while cutting back on the lodging bill incurred while vacationing. This page aims to help potential campers better prepare for their time camping or inform them of locations where camping is allowed.


EquipmentThe pictures below are direct links to the items shown and/or substitutes in the amazon store.
TentYour tent and your sleeping bag are the two pieces of camping equipment you need to put the most thought into. Your tent is essentially your temporary home for the duration of your stay. Before buying a tent, you need to ask yourself what kind of camping you are going to take part in. If you are going to camp in the summer near the beach in hot weather, you should choose one that can cover from the rain and withstand the wind. Tent
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If you are planning on using your tent in high altitude, it is a bit trickier. Temperature plays a more significant part and the insulation provided by the tent, water resistance and the quality of the ground sheet need to be carefully examined.
Sleeping BagAs with your tent above, if you are planning on camping in the summer months and where it is relatively warm, a sleeping bag rated to 5oC should suffice. However in colder climes, a thicker, down feather filled bag will be more appropriate. If you are planning to sleep in sub-zero temperatures, we recommend you obtain professional advice before choosing your sleeping bag and other camping equipment as well. Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag
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PillowYou can fold a sweater and use it as a pillow but if you really need the real thing we recommend you buy one of the small compactable pillows now available on the market.
MattressTo be comfortable at night in your tent, you will want a mattress. Some opt for the simple and durable foamy mat but for others, the newer inflatable mattresses are a must. It's up to you to decide which one you prefer while camping.

You deserve a good night's sleep.
Camping Mattress
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PegsTent pegs vary in width, length and metal alloy. If you are camping often, you may want to invest in some sturdier pegs than the ones you generally get when purchasing a standard tent. This is especially true when camping near the Mediterranean or in Southern Europe where the soil is quite hard.
StoveTo boil your coffee water, cook your pasta and prepare that stew, you will need a stove. A simple Coleman, Camping Gaz or Trangia will do. For larger families, you can also get extensions for these stoves providing a larger cooking plate.
ChairIf you want to sit back without needing a log or a rock near your campsite, you'll need a chair and a fold up one will do the job. Chairs
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PotsTo heat or cook your meal, you'll need pots big enough to accommodate your portions.
PlatesEnough for everyone and of non-breakable material. Plates and Cups
Plates and Cups
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CupsOnce again, enough for everyone for a nice hot coffee in the morning. Be sure these are of non-breakable material.
UtensilsA sharp knife, forks, knives and spoons will usually do the trick. A sharp knife is essential to your needs and will serve as a utility tool performing a variety of tasks a simple kitchen knife could not do.

You may want to also have a can opener, a bottle opener and corkscrew.
Swiss Army Knife
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FlashlightTo find your way around your camping ground at night and to light up your tent at night a flashlight is an essential piece of kit you won't want to be without. Flashlights
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