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Travel Insurance

World Nomads offers travel insurance online. A quote is generated immediately for you to review and compare to other online travel insurance providers.
Most of the time, we leave on holiday planning to only visit one destination. The thing is, we sometimes change our minds along the way, meet other people and decide to either extend our time on holiday or add another destination to our plans. This is where a worldwide travel insurance plan, medical health insurance and World Nomad comes in handy.

You can buy a travel insurance policy from World Nomads while you are holidaying, you just need to find a computer with internet access.

Obviously you would rather not get into a situation where you need to make a claim while you are away. Unfortunately accidents do happen and because of this, World Nomads, allows you to file claims online and speed up the process.

Extreme Sports and Adventures

World Nomads understands that many of us enjoy activities that could be considered to be more dangerous than others. That's why they cover you for the following fun yet somewhat dangerous activities:

Scuba Diving.
Skiing and Snowboarding.
Trekking, hiking and mountaineering.

Please read your insurance policy terms and conditions very carefully. To find out what exactly is covered with your package, visit World Nomads travel insurance.

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