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Accommodation in cheap hotels with Hostelbookers reveals its success for backpackers

Backpackers now have a new option for booking cheap hotels while on the road. Gone are the days of backpackers staying in only hostels out of necessity - now, there's a new way to travel cheaply. The cheap hotel specialists Hostelbookers have made it possible for those with tighter travel budgets to stay in hotels by providing low room rates and an easy, fast booking service.

Whether you're a surfer looking for cheap places to stay on Australia's Gold Coast, or a backpacker interrailing between cities in Eastern Europe, you will be able to find budget hotels along the way that can offer equivalent prices to a hostel stay. Hotel rates can range between 15 - 30 EUR per night, and stays are typically comfortable, safe and calm. If you want to get off the 'hostel party' route for a while, staying in a hotel for the same amount of money per night means you can get a good night's rest at no extra cost.

There are lots of advantages for backpackers who want to stay in a cheap hotel over a hostel. Hotel rooms offer private rooms and en suite bathrooms, while staying in hostel dorms means you'll often be sharing your sleeping quarters and bathroom with other travellers - which you might need a break from after a few months on the road! Cheap hotels also still provide towels, bed linen, pillows and sometimes toiletries, while you might have to pay extra for these at hostels, or bring your own. Cheap hotels also often provide free Wi-Fi, TVs in room with satellite channels and sometimes DVD players and DVD libraries on request!

When staying in a budget hotel, you will also have the peace of mind that you can easily lock up your possessions when you leave the room and use your in-room safe for valuables - there's no need to worry about whether you'll be able to fit all your stuff in the locker provided, as you might at a hostel. If you're staying for longer than a night or two, having a room at a cheap hotel is ideal as you can use the wardrobe and bathroom for storage rather than constantly unpacking from a locker.

Food-wise, cheap hotels are likely to provide daily breakfasts, as well as have a restaurant on site for lunches and dinners, or even room service. As food comes from a full-service kitchen, you'll have a much wider range of meals to tuck in to.

If you are looking for the absolute best value for money with a cheap hotel in London (as an example) do your research before booking. You can read online reviews posted by past guests to find out more about the hotel facilities, what the atmosphere is like and whether the neighbourhood the hotel is found in is suited to your needs. From there, you can focus on finding a cheap hotel within your budget in location that is convenient to your travels - in the centre of the city and close to the major sights, for example, or close to a good beach. If your price range won't cover this, go for a cheap hotel close to a rail station, bus or tram stop with good transport links.

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