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2 different diving sites on the East Coast of Mauritius are covered on this page where the reef, protecting the island from the rougher seas provides the ideal location for pleasant dives while on vacation.

Aquarium and Shark Flats

A pleasant and easy dive where you'll descend to about 18 metres and dive along a colourful reef home to clown fish, angelfish, morays, grouper and other peculiar little reef creatures.

Shark Flats
A great dive on the outer reef of the East Coast off Belle Mare. You will descend to a max of about 30 metres with a sand bank surrounded by a gorgeous coral reef home to sea fans, clown fish, grouper, morays, crayfish and trigger fish. If you are lucky sharks, rays, dolphins and tuna may also pay a visit.

A 3mm wetsuit, perhaps some booties and gloves if you like, and the rest of the usual kit will do nicely.

On a good day, vis can go up to 20 metres and above. If the wind picks up and the sea gets rough vis can drop and cause dive cancellations.

Water Temperature
The water ranges from 21c in winter to about 26c in the summer. Mauritius is in the Southern Hemisphere.

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