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Scuba Diving Digital Camera

A camera can provide fantastic lasting images of marine life while on a dive.

Digital cameras and camera cases or housings have come a long way to form a common part of divers equipment for recreational underwater photography. The size of the camera, quality of the pictures and prices have tremendously improved over the last 5 years.

Before purchasing your digital camera be sure to check that it has a different land mode, sea mode and external flash mode. It is also handy to have a decent sized LCD screen to view your pictures immediately and a simple delete function for those you do not wish to keep.

Well known brands of underwater cameras include:

Sea & Sea

The older 35 mm cameras still available on the market. They offer excellent value for money for those on a tighter budget or just aiming to learn about underwater photography before spending more money on equipment. The quality of images may be lower than on a more advanced digital camera.

In conclusion, if you want to attempt underwater photography, you'll need a good camera, lots of practice and an eye for the perfect "kodak moment"!

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