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Scuba Diving Masks and Goggles

A snorkeling or scuba diving mask is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy. An excellent mask will provide many hours of underwater enjoyment. A poor mask will ruin even the best of dives.

The most important aspect of a mask is that it fits correctly and offers you a good field of vision. The look of the mask is only secondary to the fit, it is important but when a mask fills with water every time you go under, it is hardly important how good it looks.

There is a technique to verify that a mask will fit the contour of your face correctly and provide a seal. This technique is done as follows.

  1. Hold mask to face with hand.
  2. Inhale gently to form seal.
  3. Release mask from hand while still inhaling.
  4. If the mask stays on, the fit is good and the mask suits your face. If the mask falls off, then it does not fit correctly and another mask should be tried.
Well known brands of quality masks include:


Be patient, try several masks and different brands before deciding. Then choose the right mask for you and enjoy!

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