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Scuba Diving Watches

Scuba Diving watches and computers add a whole new dimension to diving. They provide a range of important, safety and interesting data while underwater. They can also provide post dive data on the elapsed time of the dive, your post dive letter group and a graphical representation of your dive.

Dive watches can be normal watches with time bezels or they can be full blown computers. The standard dive watch has the advantage of being slightly smaller than most computers and therefore able to also be a day to day watch.

Computers offer many more features than the standard watches. They can provide water temperature, depth, elapsed time, decompression and ascent rate data on screen. The computer can also be programmed to operate with different gases, at different altitudes and in variable conditions. The data can be downloaded onto to a standard PC or laptop computer for further analysis. Computers have also been further developed to integrate with a diver's air systems.

These dive watches and scuba computers can be quite expensive but do provide a significant increase in security while diving and interesting information. Enjoy your dive!

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