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Snorkeling Gear

The items that make up your snorkel gear are the most commonly used and purchased pieces of equipment for scuba. No one can question just how important a good mask is to a snorkeler or a diver contemplating trying or participating in shallow snorkeling to deep water free diving.

When selecting your gear, be sure to purchase a mask that will fit your face correctly, a big enough snorkel and a pair of fins that are suitable to both your size and style.

Your mask should fit snuggly when placed on your face and inhaling moderately. If the mask does not form suction with this procedure it is incorrectly fitted or too big, try again and if the same result occurs, the mask is probably not suitable for you. Try as many masks as possible to find the one most suitable to you and your scuba needs.

There are open foot and closed foot fins. Closed foot fins are generally lighter and smaller than open ones. They can also be used for scuba diving although the majority of divers use open foot fins, especially for cold water diving because booties are required. Generally speaking, closed foot fins are more flexible than open foot fins, making finning easier and faster. Larger divers with bigger feet, especially men, purchase open foot fins with straps and booties to go along. It is easier to put on open foot fins with booties than closed foot fins.

Enjoy your snorkel!

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