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Dublin, in the South Eastern part of the Republic of Ireland, is a bustling and vibrant cosmopolitan European capital city that will match any other when it comes to having fun and enjoying the sights.
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What to See

Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church Cathedral
The spectacular cathedral of Christ Church, or the Holy Trinity, is a must see for any visitor to Dublin. Founded in the 11th century, Christ Church Cathedral is the religious epicentre of Ireland. Admire the architecture, music and contribution the cathedral has made to society in Dublin.

St Patrick's Cathedral
The cathedral, built in the late 12th century, is named after the patron Saint of Ireland and is located next to the well where St Patick is said to have baptised pagans into Christianity. Visit the cathedral and well to get in touch with St Patrick.

Dublin Castle
The old Castle of Dublin, built in the 13th century by the British, has been renovated into a police station and conference centre. The main building has been preserved and still attracts plenty of visitors making it worthy of your attention during your visit to Dublin.

Guinness Storehouse
The old Guiness brewery is now a museum devoted to the history of the world favourite Guinness or "the black stuff". You can find out more about tours of the storehouse and old factory at Guiness Storehouse.

Irish National Gallery
The National Gallery of Ireland contains a fine collection of Irish works of art. Along with the extensive collection of Irish art, British and European pieces await you.

River Liffey
Dublin's divider, it's source starts in County Wicklow and eventually flows into Dublin Bay. It used to be used in Guinness but due to pollution, it is no longer one of the main ingredients of the black brew.

James Joyce Museum
James Joyce, the celebrated Irish author of Ulysses, and native Dubliner, is paid tribute to in this museum overlooking Dublin Bay. The museum is housed in an old Martello Tower previously built to resist attacks from the French under the command of Napoleon.

Temple Bar
Temple Bar is a lively district full of pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs located on the southern side of the river Liffey to keep you busy through to the wee hours.

Trinity College
Ireland's most reputed University South of the Liffey. The university dates back to 1592 when it was established by Elizabeth I.

St Stephen's Green
Dublin's Central Park, St Stephen's Green is a great place for a stroll or a relaxing break in the heart of the Irish capital.

What to Do

Go out for the night
Dublin has plenty of places to enjoy. Camden Row, Temple Bar not to forget the other 800 pubs in the city. The variety caters for all moods and ages. Wander through the Temple Bar area and listen out for those traditional melodies where you are sure to find some Irish Lasses bringing the Riverdance to life!

Go Shopping

Henry Street
Take a break and buy. Great shopping is on offer on Grafton Street but even better on Henry Street and cheaper! If you are looking for some special souvenirs pop into a Carrolls store which are dotted around the city.

Go to the Guinness Hop Store
An entire museum dedicated to the famous Stout and why not top up with another pint of the black stuff.

Have a Guinness
Don't forget to drink a pint of guinness. The Irish are very proud of their brew and rightly so. Full of Iron and a remedy for many an ailment as the legend goes.Try adding a drop of blackcurrant juice to your pint for a touch of variety.

Tour County Wicklow
Beautiful Old Bridge

Remnants of a church
The county has some beautiful landscapes, historic settlements, country inns and plenty of walks to take. Visit Glendalough, an ancient monastery.

What to Eat

As above, the famous Stout.

Irish Stew
Traditional Irish Stew made of mutton, carrots and potatoes. Hearty.

The Bad Ass Café
In the mood for a fun restaurant with a wide range of tasty quick dishes. Located in the heart of Temple Bar, this trendy restaurant will whip up an excellent pizza, burger, pasta or salad for you in no time.

Where to Sleep

A range of hotels in Dublin are available throughout the capital. See here for Dublin Hotels.

There are loads of hostels and cheap accommodation in Dublin. Prices vary from hostel to hostel but are generally affordable. Search and book a hostel in Dublin.

Camden Deluxe Hotel
This hotel is affordable, comfortable and located within a short five minute walk from the bustling Grafton Street and Temple Bar.

How to Move

Airport - City
The Aircoach from the airport not only gets you into town in approximately 30 minutes but also stops at various hotels in and around the city. For more information, visit www.dublin-airport.com.

The city has an excellent bus network covering the Greater Dublin area. This is probably your best option because the city does not have an underground system. Most places are within walking distance.

Rentals are renowned for being expensive and traffic is a problem so it is for this reason that we do not recommend you rent a car unless you plan on visiting the beautiful countryside surrounding Dublin.

DART Train
The DART runs along the coast to the North and South.


Dubliners are friendly and warm. You can ask anyone for directions. Starting up a conversation is easy and you may even be treated to an Irish legend or two!

The locals speak English and Gaelic.

Time Zone
Dublin is in GMT.


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