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The city of Edinburgh is located on the Eastern coast of Scotland and is renowned for it's exciting Hogmanay celebrations and it's annual party for the Edinburgh tattoo.

Edinburgh is separated into the Old and the New Town and will give its visitors a taste of history and of the modern.
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What to See

Edinburgh Castle
This castle situated on a hill in the Old Town offers audio tours or you can just walk around at your leisure. While visiting the castle you will learn about Scottish history, Mary Queen of Scots, Mons Meg and you may even get to see a William Wallace impersonator.

National Gallery
The Scottish National Gallery is situated right near the train station off Prince's Street. Though quite small, the museum has an extensive collection of Scottish artwork as well as some more renowned works from other European artists. It's Free!

Holyroodhouse Palace
This Palace is the Royal residence of the Queen while in Edinburgh. It is over 300 years old and public tours are available daily except during public holidays.

St. Giles Cathedral
St. Giles Cathedral is the High Kirk of Edinburgh and is named after the patron saint of lepers. It was burnt down by the British in the 14th Century and most of the cathedral dates from the early 19th Century.

Royal Mile
Stroll down the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle to Holyroodhouse Palace, one of the Queen of England's many homes. Along the Mile you will see a variety of souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. Of particular interest on the Royal Mile are Parliament Square and the St. Giles Cathedral.

What to Do

Shop on Prince or George Street
These two streets are the main shopping drags in the New Town. Edinburgh's best shopping is considered to be on George street.

Go out in Grassmarket
Situated in the Old Town, the Grassmarket is a little area where several pubs and restaurants cater to the local students. If you are looking for a night out of eating and dancing, you'll find it here.

Take a Bus Tour
Although the city's sites are accessible by foot, the official Edinburgh bus tours will provide the visitor with a guide who will tell you the city's ancient stories and history while you travel around the Old and New Town.

Go walking
Just outside Edinburgh are the modestly high Pentland Hills or Arthur's Seat. There are a number of marked paths through both to lead the way for you. While walking you'll pass sheep and water reservoirs while enjoying the splendid views. You can find out more at www.bmeijer.com.

What to Eat

This traditional Scottish meal is made of sheep intestine or stomach and lamb's liver. It's not for everyone but it is apparently quite good. Are you adventurous?

Pub Fare
Most pubs in Edinburgh offer traditional meals at affordable prices.

Scotch Eggs
A delicious recipe for boiled eggs in a crispy breaded crust. Served cold.

Nothing quite like a nicely aged, Scotch Malt whisky. Good for a deep voice and to warm you up on a cold winter day.

Where to Sleep

There are loads of hostels and cheap accommodation available in Edinburgh. Prices vary from hostel to hostel but are generally affordable. Search and book Edinburgh Hostels.

Many of the main hotel sites will have listings for you. Find Edinburgh Hotels.

Apartments and Bed and Breakfasts
Edinburgh is a popular city to visit with a significant number of bed and breakfast establishments and apartments available for rent.

How to Move

You can book flights to Edinburghwith the British National carrier, British Airways.

The Train Station is situated right in the middle of the city and allows the visitor to arrive right in the heart of town and begin exploring immediately. Click here to find www.thetrainline.com.

By Foot
Edinburgh's size allows the visitor to walk around the city easily. Most sites are within walking distance.

Edinburgh is a relatively small city and one can easily find their way while driving, that said, a rental isn't really necessary in order to see Edinburgh.


Hard to Understand
The Scots are a friendly nation and will help when they can. If you are not familiar with the accent make sure to listen carefully.


Time Zone

Scottish Pound, but both Scottish and English Pounds are accepted.

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