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Cornwall is located on the beautiful South West coast of England. The seaside cliff scenery, rolling green hills, beautiful beaches and quaint towns lend the Cornish Coast a pleasurable feel for those looking for seaside fun, relaxing walks and cream teas of course.
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What to See

The town of Newquay is the Surfing capital of the far western Cornish coast and one of the more popular towns among the younger crowds seeking some fun in the sun. Newquay has several beaches suitable for surfing, beach games, swimming and sun lounging, weather permitting of course. Some notable beaches in Newquay are Fistral and Towan beach.

Besides the beach and views, Newquay's main drag, just up from the port is full of surf, clothing and souvenir shops and is worth a stroll. You won't miss the unmistakably childish fun of Newquay. The young crowds drive around in beetles, camper vans and done up cars to the sound of dance beats while trying to impress the other visitors.

Below the main drag you'll find St Chrisopher's Inn, a Belushis Bar and a Walkabout for the Antipodean crowd, plenty of "dodgy" pubs and as much fast food as you could want.

St Ives
Sundown in St Ives
St Ives, south of Newquay offers a different kind of vibe from Newquay. The smaller cobbled streets, unique shops and some trendy restaurants and bars make it an absolutely charming town. Coupled with a Tate museum, lovely beaches and a vibrant port side, St Ives is well worth a visit for the day and a meal at night.

Crantock is a quaint little town just 2 miles south of Newquay. There are a few pubs, camping parks, souvenir shops and art galleries for those interested in other things than the very nice and big Crantock beach. Crantock is also a pretty spot for a coastal walk with numerous National Trust maintained walks. You can find walks with the National Trust at www.nationaltrust.org.uk

Land's End
Land's End, as the name would suggest, is the south-westerly most point of U.K. The views are great, there are boats to the Isles of Scilly and a kids play area where you can enjoy a Punch and Judy show, go on a sea rescue or learn about animals, all a bit tacky but the kids will love it!

The Lizard Peninsula
The Lizard Peninsula has nice views at Kynance Cove, souvenir shops and a few pubs to entertain you.

Penzance is a bustling town in Cornwall but not all that picturesque.

What to Do

Go Surfing
Surfing culture lives in Cornwall! You can surf or boogey-board in just about any of the bays located on the eastern Atlantic coast. Many of the beaches, including Crantock, Newquay and St Ives have surf board, boogey-board and wet suit rental facilities. The rental prices are good and if you feel like giving it go, why not?! Surfs up!!

Take a Walk
You can find walks in Cornwall with the National Trust at www.nationaltrust.org.uk

Visit the Eden Project
The Eden Project
The much acclaimed Eden Project has much to be lauded for. The Brits have one hell of a green thumb and the Eden Project is one of their great successes. The two biomes, featuring temperature and tropical climates are wonderfully kept. In the temperate dome, you'll find mediterranean climates from Europe, South Africa and California, while in the tropical dome you'll encounter West African jungle, South American Amazonia and Asian tropics. You can find more information on the Eden Project at www.edenproject.com. Shame about the crowds.

St Michael's Mount
St Michael's Mount
With history going as far back as the 11th century, St Michael's Mount is a small island off the Cornish Coast with a beautiful church, lovely house and fantastic gardens. You can access the mount by ferry at high tide for a small fee or by foot at low tide. After paying your entrance fee, you'll be able to walk through the gardens, into the small village and visit the castle at the top if you so wish. The castle, or house, has a wonderful church with amazing stained glass windows, the "Chevy Chase" room or dining room is stunning and the views from the terraces are nothing but impressive. The mount is now maintained by the National Trust and you can find more information on their website.

Go for a boat rideBoat rides in Cornwall
You can find boat trips, fishing trips and or diving in many of the main Cornish towns. Just check out the availability and the times of departure for your trip of choice and the harbour, then enjoy!

What to Eat

Cornish Pasty
Cornish Pasties
Cornish pasties began as your typical miners food in the days when Cornwall thrived on its mining towns and are traditionally filled with meat and onions. The pastie has evolved to include fillings like cheese and bacon, vegetables, steak and ale and just about anything you can think of.

Cream Teas
You can get a cream tea just about anywhere in Cornwall. Cream teas are served with tea or coffee, scones, clotted cream and usually strawberry jam. The cream part of the tea is the clotted cream, a delicious dairy topping for your scone.

Pub Fayre
Many pubs and inns in Cornwall serve traditional English meals at decent prices.

Fish and Chips
It's just that, battered fish with chips. Throw some vinegar and salt on those chips and enjoy.

Full English breakfast
A full English breakfast is made up of eggs, sausage, bacon, some blood pudding, chips, beans and toast. Have a cup of tea or coffee with it and you'll be good to go for the day.

Where to Sleep

You can find excellent hotels in Cornwall. Many of the main hotel sites will have listings for you. Find Cornwall Hotels.

Bed & Breakfast
There are so many Bed & Breakfasts in Cornwall that you won't know which one to choose. Breakfast as the name would suggest is usually included and you may even be able to find self-catering accommodation.

There are numerous hostels around Cornwall offering short and longer-term accommodation to the traveller on a budget. Search and book a hostel in Newquay, Penzance, St Ives or anywhere else in Cornwall Hostels.

Highfield Lodge B&B
Highfield lodge, just on the edge of Crantock is a well kept, clean, friendly, affordable and quiet family run bed & breakfast. Your price includes a full english breakfast in the morning if you so desire. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the lodge is a great place to stay in Cornwall. You can find out more on Highfield Lodge at www.highfieldlodge.co.uk

You will not find it hard to find a camp ground or caravan park in Cornwall. There are a plethora of parks so take your pick when you get there.

How to Move

There are several small airports in Cornwall, some being in Land's End and Newquay. Newquay's is the busier of the two airports and you can get flights there with budget airline Ryanair. You can find flights with British Airways.

You can find a taxi service in most larger towns of Cornwall to take you around the area.

Car Rental
Having a set of wheels in Cornwall is definitely recommended. Gas prices around the country are quite high so be prepared to fork out some money to fill up. Gasoline prices are cheaper in the bigger towns and outlets than in the smaller villages.

Public Transport
Many people opt for public transportation to get around Cornwall. That's fine if you don't mind waiting for the bus but we do recommend car rental for real exploration.

The United Kingdom has an extensive train network covering the entire country including Cornwall. You can find and buy tickets for trains in the U.K. and Cornwall at www.thetrainline.com.


Friendly and Proud
You'll be able to see why the Cornish are very proud of their Celtic and seafarer roots while driving through the area or visiting small towns still supporting significant fishing crowds. That said, the Cornish we met were very friendly and warm.

English and you may even hear some Cornish.

Great British Pound.

Time Zone

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