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Aliwal Shoal

Aliwal Shoal is world famous for high quality scuba diving. Whether you are looking for ragged-tooth sharks, dolphins, rays or large sea bass, Aliwal Shoal has it for you.

The difficulty level of a dive on Aliwal should not be underestimated. There is often strong winds, surge and rough seas on the way to the dive. The ride can be quite bumpy and tricky. Most dive charters use experienced skippers to navigate the launch out of the Umkomaas river and into the treacherous breakers along the coast. We recommend you take some motion sickness tablets 1 hour prior to your dive.

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Inside Edge

The surge doesn't end on the surface, down below, you'll drift dive along the inside edge looking at the diverse marine life.

The maximum depth reached will be around 17 metres. As you drift along the sea floor, you'll spot large triggerfish, bream, rays and maybe even dolphins. Red, green and orange sponge coral line the inside of rock cracks and the sea bottom, where the smaller bright orange fish seek shelter in numbers from their larger predators.

Aliwal Dive Charters is a decent dive outfit in Umkomaas. You can reach them at www.aliwalshoal.co.za

A 4-5mm wetsuit, dive knife, gloves and booties are all recommended.

Visibility on the best days can reach up to 30 metres at Aliwal Shoal and is a treat for divers.

Water Temperature
The water ranges from 18 to 26 degrees celsius.

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South Africa
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