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Corsica lies in the Mediterranean and contains numerous Protected Water Parks. The Island features some of the best diving in the Mediterranean. Corsica has plenty of sites to dive with teeming marine life to fascinate you while underneath.

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Le Danger de La Vaccha, Off Santa Giulia, Corsica

Down to 23 metres, this dive has loads of different bream, wrasses, sea cucumbers, star fish, soft and hard corals to keep you busy while down there. On a good day, there will also be large Grouper waiting for offerings.

Toro, Face Nord, Off Santa Giulia, Corsica

Loads of Moray eels, gorgonians, bream and grouper on good days will also treat you here. Depths reach about 23 metres.

A 5mm wetsuit, dive knife, hood, gloves and booties are all recommended.

Visibility on the best days can reach up to 25 metres in the Mediterranean and as such is a treat for divers.

Water Temperature
The water ranges from 14c in the spring to about 24c in the summer.

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