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The Caribbean waters off the coast of Jamaica are warm, calm, clear and a pleasure for divers of any skill level. The corals, fish life, turtles, rays, morays and other living organisms are full of color and make for an excellent opportunity to practice those filmmaking skills.

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Cliff dives, off Drumville Cove Resort, Negril, Jamaica

Marine Life Divers will take you off the cliffs behind the resort and straight into their "house reef".

If the current is flowing to the right, you will head off left and swim back with the current. The maximum depths reached are approximately 18 meters. On your dive, you may encounter spotted morays, turtles, yellow rays, lobster, brain coral and a variety of smaller reef fish.

If the current is flowing to the left, you will start your dive by heading off to the right and swim back with the current. The fish life you may encounter will be the same as the above.

Negril Outer Reef - Dive 1

Leave from the beach on a boat accompanied by a skipper and the dive master for a 20-minute ride to the dive site. Once there you will kit up and go in to descend to a maximum depth of 20 meters. Below you will visit the huge reef off the Negril coast and see rays, morays among the many inhabiting reef fish and visit a cave. In the cave you will enter from the west side and proceed to the other end and come out through a 2-meter vertical tunnel. Look out for the coral at the top on the way out!! A great dive where the possibility of seeing dolphins cannot be counted out.

Negril Outer Reef - Dive 2

This time you will move a little bit closer towards the beach and once your surface time allows you to go for another dive, you descend to approximately 18 meters to visit another section of the reef teeming with parrot fish, sharp-tail eels and wrasse in this underwater city.

A 3 to 5mm wetsuit (optional if it is too warm for you), dive knife are all recommended. If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a filmmaker, don't forget to bring your video camera.

Visibility on the best days can reach up to 40 meters in the Caribbean and as such is excellent for divers to spot those faraway creatures.

Water Temperature
The water can reach a temperature of up to 28c so diving is comfortable without a wetsuit if you are so inclined.

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