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Diving in the Mediterranean is fun and easy. From beginners to experts, there is a huge variety of dives to suit all.

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Dolphin South, Medes Islands, L'Estartit, Spain

Featuring a statue of a Dolphin at 6 metres of depth, this site has a few caves to explore, large friendly groupers to play with, hard and soft corals, plenty of small fish and a few large Greater Slipper Lobsters. The Medes Islands are a marine sanctuary and as such nothing can be removed or hunted from the sea. A good dive operator located in L'Estartit is Calypso Diving at Calypso Diving

Gran Meda North Side, Medes Islands, L'Estartit, Spain

Swim down the face of the island that can go down to 50 meters. Along the rock face you'll encounter large Scorpion Fish, Lesser and Greater Octopus, large bream and gorgonians varying in size.

A 5mm wetsuit, dive knife, hood, gloves and booties are all recommended.

Visibility on the best days can reach up to 25 metres in the Mediterranean and as such is a treat for divers. The occasional wind and currents cloud up the water around the Medes Islands and can lower visibility to less than 10 meters. In these cases it is best to stay close to your buddy to avoid any possibility of losing each other.

Water Temperature
The water ranges from 14c in the spring to about 24c in the summer.

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