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Zakynthos - Zante

IntroductionLoggerhead Turtle in Zante
Zante lies in the Mediterranean to the west of the Greek mainland and forms part of the beautiful Ionian islands.

The south of Zante contains the Zakynthos Protected Water Park that is home to the beautiful Carreta Carreta or loggerhead turtle. Please help the conservation effort to protect this gentle endangered marine turtle by cleaning up after yourself on the beach and not disturbing them at night.

An excellent dive operation in Zante catering to English, Swedish and Greek speakers is Eurodivers and you can visit their website at www.eurodivers.nu

Barracuda Reef

On Barracuda Reef you'll descend to approximately 18 metres and encounter some medium sized grouper, fire worms, nudibranch and may be able to spot some barracuda above you out to sea if you take a look out that way during your dive.


Bream, morays, groupers, fireworms and peacock worms are all on display during the course of this dive where you may descend to a depth of about 21 metres or more.

Arc de Triomphe

This is a great dive! You'll start off by going through a small arc at about 8-12 metres, nicknamed the Arc de Triomphe because of its resemblance to the famous Arc in Paris. While going through the arc you'll be treated to a brilliant display of soft red corals on the underside of the arc. Continuing on, you'll spot grouper, morays, large bream and possibly some tuna may pop in if you look out to sea away from the coast. Following this, you'll pass through a sort of cavern where again you'll see nice soft red coral and sponge before making your return to your boat. The depths you will reach go to about 20 metres.

Octopus Reef

Octopus Reef, named so after the many octopi inhabiting the reef is a limestone reefs with plenty of hiding spots for crayfish, octopus, grouper and moray. You'll reach a depth of about 20 metres.

A 5mm wetsuit, dive knife, hood, gloves and booties are all recommended.

Visibility on the best days can reach up to 25 metres in the Mediterranean and as such is a treat for divers.

Water Temperature
The water ranges from 14c in the spring to about 24c in the summer.

Find out more about Zante on our Zante travel guide.

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