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The home of the Berbers and a country of mystery and romance, Morocco has one foot in the present and one foot in the past. It has amazing contrasts displaying the Arabic-African-European influences.

There are many cities and places to visit in Morocco. Below is just a snippet of what you can expect to find in the Imperial cities of Morocco.
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What to See

Capital of the South, this amazing city takes you on a fantasy journey. Start at the Jemaa El Fna Square where you will find jugglers, fire-eaters, snake-charmers and amazing food vendors. Divide your visits between the parks, palaces, medina and monuments and be sure to include Bahia Palace ("the beautiful"), El Bahdi Palace ("the incomparable"), the 70ft Koutobia Mosque, the Majorelle gardens with it's amazing floral composition and the Mamounia; one of the world's most elegant palace hotels.

The city from the famous film, Casablanca is an important business center and harbour for Morocco. Interesting sites in Casablanca include the Corniche along the coast, the Hassan II Mosque and the many bazaars, souks and the Old Medina.

The administrative and commercial capital is second in size to the country's largest city, Casablanca. Visit the Casbalt de Oudais for a take on traditional Morocco as well as the Royal Palace and archaeological museum.

A must for museum lovers. The city is divided into three parts; "the half ancient city", ""the old city" and "the new city". For a wonderful view of the city head up into the hills.

Get away from the hustle and bustle and take in the beauty of the countryside; perhaps even on a horse drawn carriage. Meknes has a number of monuments to visit and it is here that you will see the local craftsmen at work.


What to Do

Go to a show
You will not be fulfilled if you visit Morocco without enjoying a performance of belly dancers, snake charmers and jugglers. In Marrakech venture to the Jemaa El Fna square in the evening for a meal and festivities.

Go to the beach
Near Rabat where the beaches are particularly good in the summer.

Go to Sidi Bouknadel
Located 12 kilometers from Rabat, you will these magnificent flowering gardens evidence of why Rabat is often referred to as the "City of Flowers".

Go Shopping
The markets or "souks" in each city; particularly Marrakech; have everything on sale from carpets and leather to dried fruit, spices and gold jewellery. Be on your guard and do not be pushed into buying something you do not want or even worse, can not afford.

Visit the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains
These splendid creations will speak for themselves. If you have the time be sure to venture out of the cities and take in some of the magnificence these have to offer the eye and imagination.

Kif and Hashish
Morocco is world renowned as a large producer of quality cannabis. That said, visitors should remember that Moroccan drug laws are very stiff and not to be tested.

When shopping around, this is a definite art and one to be practised numerous times during your stay.

What to Eat

This is a stew cooked in a conical earthenware pot. The varieties include chicken, lamb, lamb and prune,chicken and apricot, vegetable . the list goes on. Tagine is accompanied by couscous.

With chickpeas; lemon and olives; honey and apricot.

Lentil soup with meat stock and vegetables.

If you are vegetarian you can feast on salads, egg plant, humus and of course chickpeas.

Mint Tea and Moroccan Whisky
Both delicious hot or cold.

A staple in North Africa.

Lamb meatballs in sauce.

Where to Sleep

You can find excellent hotels in Morocco. F Many of the main hotel sites will have listings for you in Morocco. Find Morocco Hotels.

Search for and book cheap hotels with our Moroccan Hostel Accommodation.

Feeling adventurous? Some locals have no problem with you sleeping on their roof for a small fee. No problem in the summer and imagine the stars!

How to Move

There are major airports in Agadir, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Rabat and Tangiers. To find out more on airports in Morocco visit - www.onda.ma

The national airline is called Royal Air Maroc and you can visit their website at www.royalairmaroc.com.

Car rental
The roads are good if you do not mind contending with donkeys, bicycles, mopeds and pedestrians with little road sense in the cities.

Grand Taxis are old Mercedes which drive between the cities while petit taxis will take you around within the cities.

Horse drawn carriage
Take in the sites of Marrakech and Meknes the old fashioned way.


Industrious, hard working and friendly. Poverty is high though so they will try to make some money off you. Be aware and firm and you will have a trouble-free time.

Arabic is the official language but many people speak French as a second language. In major cities you will be able to get by with some Spanish or English.

The Moroccan Dirham and each Dirham is split into 100 centimes.

Time Zone

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