Traveling with babies

We just had our son. He’s a real cutie but you can tell he’s gonna be a hand full.

His arrival has raised several questions for us now when traveling. Where do we go? What should we do? What do we take with us? How long can we go for? Will the destination be good for him? Will they even care?

So if you have any tips for traveling with a baby, please add them. I’ll start off with a few below:

1. Take plenty of food if not breastfed.
2. Take enough diapers to cover for a few days.
3. Don’t forget the bottles.
4. Will there be lots of sun, take some good sun-screen with you.
5. Their toys…always useful to distract them for a little while.

Anything else you can think of?

3 comments December 20th, 2007

Image copying and hotlinking.

This site has plenty of people linking to it’s images and using it’s images. To those of you doing it in good faith, thanks! To those of you who aren’t, well whatever.

I don’t mind people who use my images. I’d appreciate a quick email asking for permission to do so but I realise this probably won’t happen. I got a couple of emails from people in the past doing just that, it was really quite humbling. One of them I think was a little Japanese kid doing a school project, now that is a good kid. Of course, I said sure, go for it young person.

A link back to the site itself on top of the link to the image would be great. It would help me out tons. It’s a back-handed compliment from those of you who like my photos. I could rattle a few pictures that are very popular amongst users but I won’t, I’ll just say thanks again for the compliment.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the site and do come again, gives me smile…

December 10th, 2007

Environmentally Safe Products

Today I bought a product pretty much solely on the environmental benefits it provided.

I’ve never tried this product but it’s a deodorant, you know the stuff that makes you smell nice. Well, if I buy the roll-on version for 2/3 the price of my usual brand and I like it, then I can buy a refill for 1/2 the price of my usual brand and re-use the roll-on ball part. I thought that was really freakin’ cool.

Seriously, finally, a product developer thought about it, the roll-on ball is a total waste, we throw it away every time we’re done with the deodorant, and meanwhile, it is entirely re-usable. All I have to do is “unclip” or whatever the original roll-on ball, buy a refill pack, take off the cover from the refill which now uses less plastic but as far as I can see could use less by just putting a nice strong film instead of a full-on lid, and “clip-on” the old roller ball onto the refill.

How cool is that??!! I so hope every corporate company selling products using way too much plastic packaging, most of it dead weight, implements similar innovation. And what’s good for them profit wise because they save cash, is good for the environment.

The product is Shield Deodorant by Unilver, way to go Unilever!

November 15th, 2007

Company name gone wrong

Something tells me this company wasn’t thinking of expanding in Anglo Saxon countries when they came up with their company name and logo…

November 14th, 2007

Travel Survey Results

We put together a quick little survey on the homepage of Travelcreek where you can tell us what your favourite countries to visit are and what type of accommodation you prefer. I was hoping the results would be a little more forthcoming but so far all we’ve got is our own answers, our parents’ and some friends choices. We don’t collect any personal data so nobody should worry about that and it’s so much fun to see a new addition everytime there is one, at least for me.

So come on, give us some love…

October 14th, 2007

Mauritian Holiday

We just spent about a week on the beautiful island of Mauritius. We had a great time, the people were so nice, the scuba diving was great and we would recommend a short break there to anyone.

September 16th, 2007

Top 10 Traveling Mistakes

We’ve all made mistakes traveling. Here are a few that could be called “typical” and should be avoided.

  1. Not doing your research on your final destination. Weather, timezone, customs, currency, language, culture and other factors could put you in a spot of bother.
  2. Assuming your final destination will have all the required transport facilities at your disposal upon arrival to get you to your accommodation.
  3. Using hotel communication systems including the phone and fax. If you’ve done this, they’ve no doubt, nailed you!
  4. Consuming the contents of the hotel room mini-bar. Don’t do it! Go to the local store and buy a couple of drinks there, it will save you a bundle.
  5. Not giving yourself enough time between flights. It can take up to an hour to get out of a 747 after landing and then you may still have to get to another terminal or airport for your connecting flight! Give yourself plenty of time to avoid missing your flight.
  6. Booking a day tour without shopping around. You might be getting suckered!
  7. Not paying in local currency. You will be doubly losing. Once with the exchange rate used to convert into your currency and once more back into the local currency to get your change.
  8. Not booking accommodation for your final destination during high season, a conference or festival. You might find yourself sleeping in the street.
  9. Trying to pack in too much activity into a specific period of time.
  10. Forgetting your camera.

Safe travels!

1 comment August 23rd, 2007

Lost in Translation

Hehe, this picture is quite funny…It seems to have been translated by someone with a Afrikaans – English Dictionary. This person probably decided to use the wrong translation to forbid “open flames”. Naked lights, never heard of ’em!

Naked Lights

August 18th, 2007

The Simpsons Go Green

Just saw this movie, yes, I know, a bit behind a lot of you…Well it’s because of where I live! Anyhow, it matters not.

The Simpsons, the movie, just like the TV series does not disappoint. The humour starts right from the word go with Ralph making the very first appearance of all the characters.

The movie is also one to cover one of the most pressing issues of our time, if not of mankind, the environment. It does so just like Al Gore did, in a public friendly, easy to understand, way. I think it’s great that the creators, writers and actors all teamed up on this issue and publicise, with what will inevitably be one of the most popular movies of the next few months, a deadly serious issue like Global Warming and pollution in an idiot friendly way.

I laughed throughout the movie and thought it was great even after so many TV episodes. I missed Uter though, the exchange student, and I will probably either go see it again or rent it when it comes out on DVD. I won’t download it though, Bart got in trouble for that 😉

August 4th, 2007

Thames Boat Tour

The Thames, cuts through London it does!

When people think of London, invariably the Thames comes up. It’s fun to take a boat down the Thames. You can get a ticket and board your tour boat close to Parliament. The trip consists of a cruise down the Thames with a tour guide slowly talking you through all the major attractions on the banks of the famous river. Parliament, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London are a few you’ll see along the way.

At the end of your little trip that takes about an hour or two, you end up in Greenwich which is also quite nice. We always went for a walk in the beautiful park after one these little tours. It was fun and you can go check out the Greenwich Meridian at the top of the hill. You know … GMT … I’ve been on both sides of the Meridian, have you?


P.S. You’ll be knocked-up for a tip as you leave the boat. Up to you really, can’t remember if I ever tipped the staff.

July 12th, 2007

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