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VW Disappoints

We’ve just had a little boy about 4 months ago. Cute little guy with his very own room and everything. We have 2 cars. One is a big fat truck which is great and the other car is a VW Citigolf, the Golf V 1 – yes they still make them here. For some of you, you might remember it as the Rabbit.

Anyway, we’ve always taken the little guy around in his car sear in the truck without any hassles. The truck had to go in for a service a few days ago so I was left with the VW for the day and had to go out quickly with the little guy in toe. Well to my surprise, I found out that the seat belts in the VW are too short to strap his seat in. Now what kind of car company manufactures a low end car, and therefore more affordable for younger people who are more likely to have newborns, that cannot have a baby seat strapped in properly? Really? Are you guys that useless in Development that you hadn’t thought of the length of the belt or were you too busy chopping 2 feet off the strap to boost your profits only to put my son’s life in jeopardy???

Come on VW, you’re German, you can do better than that! What’s happened to your reputation as German engineers???!!!

March 20th, 2008

Top 5 Airlines

These are our favourite airlines:

1. American Airlines
2. British Airways
3. KLM/Air France
4. Air Mauritius
5. Frontier Airlines

They are all good, pleasant experiences every time.

December 27th, 2007

Too much Baggage

We all know someone who has too much baggage, but not that kind, the kind they bring along on holiday.

The amount of baggage brought on holiday can affect you in several ways. One being a drag on you and a pain in the neck to carry around.

The other being too much to fit in the car you’ve rented. Think about it, how many compact cars do think have enough space to fit 3 or 4 big bags in them, forget it. So what now?

Well think about it for a minute. If you are going for a quick weekend getaway and are taking just a bit of luggage, then rent yourself a small car, unless you’re rich of course, then you have to rent yourself the flashest automobile on the lot!

If you’re going camping for 2 weeks on the Mediterranean and have to pack a tent, sleeping bags and all the rest of the junk you take along on a camping trip, then think about the size of the car you’ll need carefully and be sure to include all the kit those coming with you will have.

Diving is another one of those holiday things that can take up a lot of space. Fins, mask, wet suit, tanks, weights, mask etc…

Right, so consider about how much stuff you’re taking with you and then decide how big a car you’ll need for it. You’ll save yourself time on arrival and be glad the car you have is suitable for your needs.

Enjoy and don’t forget your driver’s licence!

May 8th, 2006

Now boarding from Gate

Lots of us have to take multiple flights to get to our final destination. Sometimes the wait between flights will be long, others, short. We all want to get to our spot pronto but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t take 5 minutes to disembark our plane and get to our next flight.

It’s really important to do some time estimates before you choose and purchase a connection flight. Bear these and any others you can think of in mind:

  • Your first flight could be late
  • It can take up to an hour to get off a 747
  • Your next departure gate could be quite a trek
  • Your next departure gate could be in a different terminal
  • Your departure airport may be different than the one you land in
  • You might have to clear customs before continuing with the rest of your journey
  • You might have to collect your luggage as not all carriers have agreements together or specfic country customs laws require this
  • The ever present “miscellaneous” reason should always be given some time as well

That said, enjoy your flight and holiday!

April 23rd, 2006

Smart Packer

Most avid travellers will have a tip or two up their sleeves on how to pack travel gear earned through experience.

If you’re going on a road trip the main principles are simple: the heavy items and non-essentials go at the bottom of the trunk and the perishables should be kept in a cooler making sure those snacks for the road are nice and easy to reach . If your trip is an epic journey across no mans land – remember too that in your mission to achieve perfect space optimisation – keep the air gauge and compressor for your tires and gerry can (preferably full) within quick and easy reach.

When it comes to air travel remember that including gas bottles and batteries in your checked luggage is a sure way to have your baggage left behind for inspection. On the other hand any sharp instruments including pocket knives, tweezers and nail clippers should be checked to avoid confiscation at the security points.

Unless you are travelling alone, it’s also a good idea to split your gear between two or more bags. That way if one bag arrives without the other, you’ll be kitted out for a day or two while you wait for the telephone call from lost luggage. If you’re in this unlucky position, remember that if you’ve booked your tickets on your credit card some financial institutions will reimburse at a prescribed rate for each day your bag is held up.

March 5th, 2006


Part II

Air Canada replied to our letter of complaint the other day. Their reply basically confirmed receipt of our letter and said that it was being forwarded to the appropriate person/department to deal with. It stated that we could expect an answer in about 4-6 weeks and thanked us for our patience in the meantime – well what else are we going to do?!

So, Air Canada has bought themselves another 4-6 weeks to reply. I look forward to their reply. It should be rather interesting … I wonder which lawyer is going to deal with this one.

If you have any interesting travel complaints, pass them on here, let’s keep this ball rolling!

February 17th, 2006

Is anyone listening?

We, my wife and I, went to Canada for Christmas and the New Year back in December to be with family and friends. Our flights there from Cape Town were pretty good and went smoothly. Coming back to Cape Town on the other hand was a different story.

Our return journey was full of terrible mishaps, disinformation and bad service. We wrote to the airline, Air Canada, about it. It’s been close to a month now. They say they’ll reply within a month. We take it that the month is from receipt of the letter. So if they stick to their word, they should be sending a reply in about 2 weeks. It’ll probably take a week for the letter to get here so we should have some sort of “dis-explanation” about the whole fiasco shortly.

I hope so ’cause I’m not really in the mood to put the letter up here. I’m quite sure that if I send them a little love note telling them that the letter is online for all to see that I’ll get a pretty quick reaction.

So, we wait in anticipation of a good reply. How good, well, we all know how airlines can compensate us. That would be quite nice of them to oblige.

Stay tuned for part 2…

February 9th, 2006

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