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Does Loyalty Pay?

Loyalty schemes rewarding customers, vouchers, cash back and air miles are all something that we are familiar with. And lets face it, loyalty is worth it when you get bucks in your hand and /or a rebate on your travel. The principle is simple – the more you spend the more you get in return – or not – as in the case with some airlines who make it so difficult for you to redeem your air miles by spending endless hours on the phone or simply not updating their records with recent miles that you have earned.

While it is tempting to wash your hand of the irritation and forget the whole thing, don’t give up just yet. If it is on offer then you should jump at the idea of a freebie especially those of you who are frequent fliers. Some tips to assist you include remembering to keep your boarding pass and to hand deliver it to the customer service counter.

Any other bright ideas you might have are welcome, send us your comments, we want them!

1 comment June 19th, 2006

World Cup Fever

I might be sick right now but it would still be fantastic to be in Germany right now taking part in the biggest sports event in the world, the World Cup.

The only problem I can see with being there right now is having to share the event with English Louts and Yobos and a whole bunch of Germans, 80 odd million to be exact. But let’s not make too many generalisations. 🙂

The parties, the love, the excitement, the games and the beer. Should be a great time, no matter who takes the trophy home. The games last night were pretty cool. Germany and Costa Rica had a goal fest and Ecuador surprised Poland with a left uppercut.

Here’s to a great tournament and may the best French Team win. 🙂

June 10th, 2006

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