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Cats Giving the Paw

We have two cats, both females. This post is about our cats giving the paw for a treat. Check out the cats giving paw video.

Anybody who says they hate cats and that they are useless don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Both our cats are clever, very clever. In fact I would go so far as to say cats are more intelligent than dogs.

One of our cats is pretty active, she’s a nervous little thing, but she is a clever little cat. She is able to open our bedroom door by jumping, pulling the handle down with her front paws and pushing the door with her back legs. That’s smart! But now we have to lock ourselves in our room so that she doesn’t come in at 3 in the morning with a mouse and wake us up!

She’s also obsessed with water. She watches me shave by jumping on the little table next to the basin. She showers with us by sitting on the edge of the bathtub and waiting for us to finish so that she can jump in and drink the water left in the tub. She also watches the hose as we water the garden.

Our other cat is the supermodel of cats. She’s lean, curvy, has beautiful hair and all the local males follow her around. Hey guys, she’s fixed!! She’s also bloody clever. When it’s cold, she makes her way to our room and snuggles up under the covers.

But what is really amazing, is them giving their paw for a treat. Seriously, check it out for yourself – cats giving paw video.

2 comments February 25th, 2006

Suds Frosties & Lagers

It’s always nice to think about a cold beer while you’re running around some city or place. At the nearest bar, there should always be one waiting for you to give it a bit of attention or should I say, suck it back.

The beers really depend on where you are though. Some Brits like their Bitter, and it’s warm! Brazilians like’em ice cold. Frenchies like’em but in moderation unfortunately and South Africans love’em nice and chilled.

All in all, beer is good, damn good actually and tasting different ones from around the world is always fun. Tasting a few is even better. I always like to try and support the local beers ’cause I can always get a Heineken or Bud, or whatever the international beer available is, somewhere else.

There’s a pretty cool site on the web that rates beers from different countries. Check out The site is cool but I guess good beer means different things to different people eh?

I like lager and I’m having one right now! 🙂

February 17th, 2006


Part II

Air Canada replied to our letter of complaint the other day. Their reply basically confirmed receipt of our letter and said that it was being forwarded to the appropriate person/department to deal with. It stated that we could expect an answer in about 4-6 weeks and thanked us for our patience in the meantime – well what else are we going to do?!

So, Air Canada has bought themselves another 4-6 weeks to reply. I look forward to their reply. It should be rather interesting … I wonder which lawyer is going to deal with this one.

If you have any interesting travel complaints, pass them on here, let’s keep this ball rolling!

February 17th, 2006

Is anyone listening?

We, my wife and I, went to Canada for Christmas and the New Year back in December to be with family and friends. Our flights there from Cape Town were pretty good and went smoothly. Coming back to Cape Town on the other hand was a different story.

Our return journey was full of terrible mishaps, disinformation and bad service. We wrote to the airline, Air Canada, about it. It’s been close to a month now. They say they’ll reply within a month. We take it that the month is from receipt of the letter. So if they stick to their word, they should be sending a reply in about 2 weeks. It’ll probably take a week for the letter to get here so we should have some sort of “dis-explanation” about the whole fiasco shortly.

I hope so ’cause I’m not really in the mood to put the letter up here. I’m quite sure that if I send them a little love note telling them that the letter is online for all to see that I’ll get a pretty quick reaction.

So, we wait in anticipation of a good reply. How good, well, we all know how airlines can compensate us. That would be quite nice of them to oblige.

Stay tuned for part 2…

February 9th, 2006

Cash or Plastic?

These days it’s pretty easy to get to your hard earned cash while abroad. Banks have made it so easy for you and why? Because they’ll charge you a nice fat service fee to do it. Which would you prefer? Carrying $500 worth of Brazilian Reals with you to Sao Paolo or taking a bit out at a time while there? Whether you change it at home into Reals or withdraw it from a local bank machine, you’ll probably end up paying roughly the same amount.

Credit Cards? They’ll take ’em pretty much anywhere except for more rural areas where cash is still king. The market penetration of Visa and Mastercard, to name the big boys, is nothing short of impressive. They’ll charge you too though, you’ll get a worse exchange rate but you know what? When you’re cruising down the boulevard in central Mexico City at 3 am with $500 dollars in your pocket, that’s your problem, at least with your credit card you can cancel it in a jiffy.

It’s really up to you what you do with your money but my opinion is to take a bit of local currency with you and use your cards to draw cash while away. Check with your home bank that they have agreements in place with the banking institutions where you’re going. Don’t forget though, there aren’t too many bank machines in the Himalayas, bring some cash so you can pay your Sherpa!

February 1st, 2006

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