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We just added a small page on Venice to the site and it reminded me of something I saw while visiting this great city.

Most of us are accustomed to the local youngsters with the suped-up car, or should I say, piece of crap. You know the type; mags, lowered suspension, flash tyres, stylish lights, custom steering wheel,tinted windows, exhaust make-louder pipe and of course a sound system that is worth more than the car.

Well in Venice, it’s slightly different. Instead of a car, it’s a boat. For real! It’ll have a great new paint job, a great outboard engine, padded seats, tinted visor, chrome mooring hooks and unbelievably, a ridiculously loud and expensive sound system.

When I saw this kid in his purple, show-off boat, I couldn’t resist pointing him out to my then girlfriend, and now wife, and bursting out in laughter.

It just goes to show that no matter what the conditions or location, the obnoxious kid will always be present for you to yell: “Hey you, you’re not cool and nobody cares, turn that shit off!”

July 21st, 2006

Letting them win

It’s a dangerous world out there. Yesterday, bombs blew up in Mumbai during the rush hour craze to get home. Too many people lost their lives and too many families are feeling the agony of having lost loved ones. Today, here in Cape Town, where we now live, there was a gun fight at a Taxi rank wounding several and killing others. The worst part of it is not that innocent people lose their lives and that others become afraid of venturing into the general public, it’s that it is utterly senseless.

I might be slightly reclusive at times, often for short periods, I step away from it all and hide away in the safety of my own home to do this and that. Personally, I think we should all do it at least occassionally. Why buy a great home and then jump at the opportunity of leaving it so we can go buy some junk at the shops? It’s important to have one’s space, privacy and independence.

The whole point of this little write up is that if we become overly reclusive, stay home, not travel, avoid this and that spot out of fear, then we let these people win. It’s our world, it’s our safety we need to enforce, it’s our job to let these stupid people know that we aren’t scared of them and that most importantly, we are sick and tired of their crap and are going to take them out one by one until our world is safe.

We have to keep doing what we want to do. Keep traveling, keep going out, take pulic transport and just enjoy ourselves.

I ain’t scared of you Mr. Bad Guy, come and get some!

July 12th, 2006

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