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VW Disappoints

We’ve just had a little boy about 4 months ago. Cute little guy with his very own room and everything. We have 2 cars. One is a big fat truck which is great and the other car is a VW Citigolf, the Golf V 1 – yes they still make them here. For some of you, you might remember it as the Rabbit.

Anyway, we’ve always taken the little guy around in his car sear in the truck without any hassles. The truck had to go in for a service a few days ago so I was left with the VW for the day and had to go out quickly with the little guy in toe. Well to my surprise, I found out that the seat belts in the VW are too short to strap his seat in. Now what kind of car company manufactures a low end car, and therefore more affordable for younger people who are more likely to have newborns, that cannot have a baby seat strapped in properly? Really? Are you guys that useless in Development that you hadn’t thought of the length of the belt or were you too busy chopping 2 feet off the strap to boost your profits only to put my son’s life in jeopardy???

Come on VW, you’re German, you can do better than that! What’s happened to your reputation as German engineers???!!!

March 20th, 2008

Along came a spider

Now this is a cool camo spider:

camo spider

March 10th, 2008

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