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PR Stunts and the flavour of the month

Africa truly is the flavour of the month. I was on the plane yesterday reading my fantastic Time Magazine in which the current issue has an article about Madonna and her interest in helping the orphans of Malawi. I commend her “trying” to help the orphans of Malawi. That’s great. Thing is, she might want to visit Africa before coming in trailblazing.

The article said that Madonna’s aim was to help raise $3 million fo the orphans of Malawi. Wow! Madonna raising a whole $3 million dollars for the Malawian children. Really, think about it, $3 million, Madonna and charity? How well do those words go together, not really. It probably takes her a whole week of work or sales to make $3 million for the kids. The one good thing I can take though is that she is financing a documentary to raise awareness about the kids as well for a reported $1 million.

It’s pretty clear to me that this is simply a PR stunt by the old lady. I don’t have much time for her anymore, all the stories that seem to surround her just leave a bad taste in my mouth. Frankly I think she is an evil old cow just trying to piggy-back off the recent spotlight on Africa and improve her “image” to sell more of her crap albums. She is like the female version of Dr.Evil and everything she is up to is simply a way to push her name, brand, image and all that crap associated with her.

What I really want to see her do is raise $3 million for the orphans and match the double of that to give the little kids $9 million worth of medicine, school books, desks, pencils, paper, milk and vitamins, and then do it all again next year. Then I’ll change my mind.

That’s my 2 cents, if you don’t like my opinion, tough, I’m not forcing you to read it, go play in traffic.

August 21st, 2006

Travel Support System

It’s a good idea to keep certified copies of your passport and travel documents with you en route in a different bag than the one you carry around all day. We have no doubt heard about it before, but how many of us follow it through unless we are inconvenienced on a trip away for home?

Certified copies of your documents will save you loads of time and trouble in the event of losing or having your docs stolen from you for that all important flight home or to your next destination.

You might also consider knowing where to locate your nearest Consulate or Embassy when abroad to assist you in challenging times. Also, make sure you know to what extent your medical aid or travel insurance covers you in the event of an emergency. Remember the adage “A stitch in time might just save nine” and then some …!

August 8th, 2006

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