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Split it up!

This could be obvious to some but I think it is a good idea to keep in mind when packing a suitcase or suitcases for those traveling in pairs or more and with a few cases coming along with them.

Given that it is entirely possible that your luggage could go astray during your journey, and it often does, it’s probably a good idea to pack a few things of your own in your companion’s luggage. Luggage can go missing occasionally. It often does when traveling on multiple airlines or carriers that are not in some sort of alliance or agreement of cooperation.

You could put some underwear/panties, shirt, pants, toiletries, shoes and socks in each others’ bags. If one of your bags goes walkabouts, then at least you have something to change into on arrival. That’s assuming all the bags don’t go missing!

I once spent 2 days in terrible tacky clothes that barely fit me when I was young after my bag didn’t make it with me to my destination. I was traveling alone at the time so there wasn’t much I could have done apart from taking some things with me in my carry-on.

Hope your bag makes it with you on arrival!

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