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Environmentally Safe Products

Today I bought a product pretty much solely on the environmental benefits it provided.

I’ve never tried this product but it’s a deodorant, you know the stuff that makes you smell nice. Well, if I buy the roll-on version for 2/3 the price of my usual brand and I like it, then I can buy a refill for 1/2 the price of my usual brand and re-use the roll-on ball part. I thought that was really freakin’ cool.

Seriously, finally, a product developer thought about it, the roll-on ball is a total waste, we throw it away every time we’re done with the deodorant, and meanwhile, it is entirely re-usable. All I have to do is “unclip” or whatever the original roll-on ball, buy a refill pack, take off the cover from the refill which now uses less plastic but as far as I can see could use less by just putting a nice strong film instead of a full-on lid, and “clip-on” the old roller ball onto the refill.

How cool is that??!! I so hope every corporate company selling products using way too much plastic packaging, most of it dead weight, implements similar innovation. And what’s good for them profit wise because they save cash, is good for the environment.

The product is Shield Deodorant by Unilver, way to go Unilever!

November 15th, 2007

Company name gone wrong

Something tells me this company wasn’t thinking of expanding in Anglo Saxon countries when they came up with their company name and logo…

November 14th, 2007

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