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Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon

We recently went to that crazy and popular city called Las Vegas in the desert of Nevada. It’s a fantastic place really, there’s so much to do there besides gambling it’s mind boggling.

One of them is flying over the spectacular Grand Canyon in a helicopter. There’s enough companies who do it and plenty of resellers selling these tours so look around a bit before you book. But seriously, it’s great. You get to fly around in a chopper which is a blast in itself, see the Hoover Dam, fly over the massive Lake Mead, see the spot where Thelma and Louise rode to oblivion and best of all fly over the canyon carved by the Colorado River and maybe even land in it!

It’s such a cool thing to do and the bragging rights will last you a lifetime! If you go to Vegas, how can you possibly give this a miss!

2 comments February 22nd, 2007

Orange River Canoeing

It’s been a while since I’ve last written here so let’s see if I can still type a little bit…

A couple of years back, my wife and I took a little holiday canoeing down the Orange River in South Africa through the Richtersveld. It was to put it simply, amazing. We had such a good time that I would love to do it again. The river is lovely, it flows nicely in the direction your paddling, the water is just the right temperature, the scenery is great, the river banks are comfortable and the night sky is fascinating. We’d recommend this trip to anybody who wants a bit of adventure in Southern Africa. The thing is, be picky about who you go with because it could ruin your experience. If you want to know which company was rubbish, just ask and I will fill you in on them.

Besides that, bring along your camera, plenty of water, some treats, plenty of sunblock, mosquito repellent and something to cover your upper body with like a rash vest so you don’t burn. You’ll have a great time and don’t sweat it, it’s not hard work at all and anybody, under the age of 80, should do it. If you’re 80 and fit, do it, but at your own peril!

Do it do it do it!

February 8th, 2007

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