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Ibiza is without doubt one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. Whether you're a sunseeeker looking to spend your days on the beach, a clubber looking for a constant stream of parties, or a family looking for clean beaches and safe swimming, Ibiza has something for everyone. Add to that enviable weather, friendly locals, excellent food and some of the finest sunsets in the Med and you've got a pretty perfect holiday get away.
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What to See

Ibiza Town
Ibiza's Old Town
Home to the best shopping on the island and the most extensive range of dining out options, Ibiza Town should be on the radar of every visitor. If you want to learn some of the rich history of the island you can visit the museums in the Old Town (Dalt Vila), where you will also see the range of architecture of Ibiza over the years. The Old Town also offers some spectacular views over Ibiza if you're willing to make the journey up its winding cobbled streets. Lastly, Ibiza Town is one of the best party spots on the island. Here you can start your night at any one of a range of bars and restaurants and then move on to a nightspot like the legendary Pacha.

Ses Salinas, Cala Jondal and Cala Conte
Some of Ibiza’s best beaches – Ses Salinas is an iconic Ibiza beach, Cala Jondal is rustic and exclusive and Cala Conte is excellent for sunsets.

Playa D'en BossaIbiza's Old Town
The biggest beach on the island – 2km of golden sands with Space club, Bora Bora and Jet Apartments at one end and a quieter more chilled out vibe at the other.

The Village of San Miguel
One of the only places on the tourist route in Ibiza that is not on the coast, and the gateway to the less developed, more rugged side of Ibiza. Take a trip to the village to see the fortress church and pick up local delicacies at the craft market on Thursdays.

Es Vedra
Rumoured to be the tip of the sunken civilisation of Atlantis, this small island off the east coast of Ibiza is shrouded in mystery and legends.

The nearby island of Formentera is a great day trip, only an hour and a half by boat from Ibiza. Here you can see what the Balearics were like before tourism took over, laze on miles of unspoilt beaches, get involved in watersports, go hiking or just sit and enjoy some of the fine local cuisine.

What to Do

Go Clubbing
Clubbing in Ibiza
This is after all the main reason many make the annual pilgrimage to Ibiza. From the ageing grandeur of Privilege out in the hills, to the water parties at Es Paradis and the all out glamour of Pacha, you can exhaust yourself on as many dance floors as you can fit into one week. Space on a Sunday is not to be missed and you're always guaranteed a heavy night at Amnesia.

Go Sliding
Agua Mar Water Park at Playa D'en Bossa is the island's biggest and baddest water park. Equipped with seven sets of slides, from the wide and shallow slides, through to the Black Hole, it's a day out most visitors won't want to miss.

Get Involved in Watersports
There are diving schools at many of the island's major resorts, a number of windsurfing schools, as well as less intensive options like parasailing or doughnuts.

Go ShoppingShopping in Ibiza
Whether you’d like to spend your Euros on some designer threads or something locally crafted, Ibiza is well stocked. Ibiza Town is undoubtedly the place to go for designer gear. If you are into art then Santa Eulalia is the destination for you and if you've come to Ibiza for something less commercial, try the hippy Market at Es Cana.

Go on a Boat TripBoat trips
One of the best ways to see the island is by boat from your resort. Given its size, trips around Ibiza are easy to do in a day. They are one of the best ways to fit all the sights in, whilst stopping off at some of the best beaches in the Med for lunch and some tanning time on the way.

What to Eat

Guaranteed to get your night off to a good start! The recipe varies depending on who is making it but this Spanish drink normally contains white or red wine, spirits, liqueurs and chopped fruit.

This delicious garlic mayonnaise is often served up with your pre dinner bread and an absolute treat when made fresh with plenty of garlic.

Being an island, Ibiza is a prime spot for fresh seafood. Get stuck into some huge, delicious ‘Gambas’ (prawns) or go for some freshly caught squid, cod, grouper or sole.

A traditional Spanish staple, paella is a great, filling meal that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. It is usually made with saffron rice and a selection of meat and seafood, cooked in their own juices.

Where to Sleep

There’s a fantastic range of hotels in Ibiza - spa hotels, clubbers hotels, family hotels, five star luxury hotels or cheap and cheerful, the island has everything covered. Many of the main hotel sites will have listings for you in Ibiza. Find Ibiza Hotels.

Another package holiday accommodation staple, apartments are plentiful in Ibiza and come in all shapes and sizes, to suit all budgets. Most apartment complexes can be found in San Antonio, including very cheap accommodation suitable for season workers.

An excellent option for large groups and families, as well as for those who are looking for a bit of privacy. Usually equipped with private pool, BBQ area, sundeck, kitchen and often with spectacular island views, villas in Ibiza are a great choice for a special holiday. The only thing to note is that as some are situated right up in the hills, it's a good idea to hire a car.

There are some nice hostels on the island for the budget traveler. You can find hostels by using our booking engine for Ibiza Hostels.

How to Move

Ibiza airport is around 7km southwest of Ibiza Town very near to the resort town of Playa d’en Bossa. Flights to Ibiza are cheap and regular during the peak season. Most flights from London arrive in the early hours of the morning. There are also several flights a day from mainland Spanish hubs of Barcelona and Madrid. The official airport website is http://www.aena.es

This is the most independent way to get around Ibiza. There are plenty of car hire companies offering excellent rates and you can pick up your vehicle at the airport. As with anywhere in Spain you will need a valid driving licence from your home country and a credit card for car hire in Ibiza.

Ibiza is well organised with respect to its bus routes. There are buses connecting most of the major resorts, tourist spots, beaches and clubs. The website www.ibizabus.com provides information about bus services on the island.


Ibizans are fun loving and open and used to tourists coming to their island to relax and have a good time. Like everyone, they appreciate respect and good manners. If there’s anything you want to know about the island’s food, history or culture they are normally more than happy to oblige.

Like mainland Spain, Ibiza has two languages – Spanish and Catalan. English is also widely used and understood. You are most likely to come across Spanish and English conversationally and Catalan for things like road signs.

Time zone
GMT + 1

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Photography by Charlotte Mach

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