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The Principality of Monaco is an independent state along the Mediterranean coast just east of the French city of Nice. A playground for the rich and famous with great weather year round, Monaco is also home to the Monaco Grand Prix and the famous Casino of Monte Carlo.
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What to See

Monaco-Ville - Vieux Monaco - Old Monaco
Moncao Ville is also referred to as Le Rocher or the Rock. This is the old town where the Palace, Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the Oceanography museum and the beautiful law courts are to be found. It is the main tourist attraction in Monaco and Monte Carlo and is easily walked on foot. In addition to the sights to be seen, many restaurants and souvernir shops are open here to accommodate the large tourist influx in the summer months.

The Palace
The official residence of the Prince of Monaco, currently Prince Albert II. It was founded in 1191 as a Genoese fortress. The Palace and the square are worth a quick look with an additional attraction being the daily changing of the guard at 11:55.

A statue of Francois Grimaldi stands to the right of the palace. The statue commemorates the storming of the palace by Grimaldi disguised as a Franciscan Monk in 1297.

Le Port de Monaco
The famous port full of fancy yachts and cruise ships. The view from Monaco-Ville, the old town, over the port is spectacular and a great opportunity for photos. There are a few bars and restaurants lining the port for a quick meal or refreshment.

Monte Carlo Casino
Monte Carlo Casino
The famous casino featured in many popular movies. It also houses a theatre, opera and ballet house.

Oceanographic Museum
Inaugurated in 1910, the museum is dedicated to the marine sciences. The museum is impressively built on the rock cliff face coming straight up from the Mediterranean sea. The lower floors of the museum house an impressive set of aquatic displays while the upper floors display various collections of marine artefacts and exhibitions. On of the museum's more famous director was the famous waterman, explorer, scientist and author Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The Cathedral Saint-Nicholas
Located in Monaco-Ville, the cathedral Saint-Nicholas is an impressive white building standing next to the law courts. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral and was consecrated in 1875. Many of the Grimaldis have been married and buried here.

Eglise Sainte-Dévote
A beautiful little church in Monaco proper.

Palais de Justice
Beautiful architecture for the Palais de Justice, right next to the cathedral Saint-Nicholas in Monaco-Ville.

What to Do

People Watch
Many of the streets of Monaco are a hub of activity with locals and tourists alike going about their business. Sit back in some of the cafeacute;s and enjoy the variety of people passing in front of you.

There are many of the top fashion boutiques in Monaco catering to the local jet set. Have a look around, try things on and bring your credit cards!

Be Seen
The place to be seen is the Café de Paris next to the Monte Carlo Casino. It's one of the most popular restaurants in Monte Carlo. Fancy cars, fancy people and great food.

At the famous Monte-Carlo casino.

Formula 1
The most prestigious race on the Formula 1 Grand Prix calendar. It's expensive and busy so book early!

What to Eat

Mediterranean Cuisine
Olive oil, fish, garlic, tomatoes, olives and vegetables, popular cuisine.

Traditional Provencal fish stew originating from Marseille.

A rice or pasta with vegetables appetizer.

Where to Sleep

There are plenty of resorts and hotels around Monaco but not much on the Rock apart from expensive hotels. It may be better to stay in one of the towns nearby. Many of the main hotel sites will have listings for you in Monaco. Find Monaco Hotels.

There are a few decent hostels on the island for the budget traveler. You can find hostels on the island by using our booking engine for Monaco Hostels.

How to Move

The closest airport is in Nice, France.

There is a good bus system in Monaco covering both Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Driving is done on the right side of the road as in most of Europe. There isn't much parking on the streets but there are quite a few garages to park your car in around Monaco and then set off on foot.

Taxis are and will help you do without the hassle of a rental or finding parking.

Tourist Train
Starting at the Museum of Oceanography, there is a tourist train. This train will take you around the area showing you various sites while listening to the audio commentary available in several different languages. The tour last about 30 minutes and will help you see the main sights quickly while also orientating yourself around the Principality.


French is the official language but many people speak English, German, Spanish and/or Italian.

Time Zone
GMT +1


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