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The greater New York city area is comprised of 5 boroughs. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. Each borough having it's unique identity and culture. The mammoth though is Manhattan. A thriving 24 hour metropolis with attractions, activities, entertainment and architecture to match anywhere else in the world. The Big Apple is a great destination to visit year round.
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What to See

View of Manhattan
Find more info at Manhattan Travel Guide.

Queens is the second most populous borough after Brooklyn. It's a mish mash of various different cultures, the most prominent being Greek, Japanese and Indian.

Brooklyn Bridge
On the other side of the East River from Manhattan, Brooklyn is probably most famously known for the gothic arched bridge connecting it to Manhattan. That however is not the end of it. Walk through Brooklyn Heights but also visit the Brooklyn Museum, hit the amusement park on Coney Island, learn about the history of the New York Public Transport system at the Transit Museum or go to Brighton Beach for an interesting Russian surprise.

The Bronx
The Bronx has a reputation as being a rough borough of New York. That's not entirely true and unfortunately many people avoid it entirely. The Bronx is home to the successful New York Yankees baseball team and their Yankee Stadium. The largest Zoo in a US city, the Bronx Zoo, is also worth a visit.

Staten Island
Staten Island is considered to be a quiet, green suburb of New York. If you've had enough of concrete, take the Staten Island ferry over and see the Statue of Liberty on the way. For a look into the past, visit the Richmond Town historic village.

Harlem is well known as the African-American hive of New York after thousands of settlers moved in during the 19th century. Over the last few years, parts have been redeveloped and Harlem is remaking itself as a desirable place to live and is no longer the run down neighborhood movies and television shows have portrayed in the past. Arnold and Willis were from Harlem, that's reason enough to check it out.

Ellis Island
The Museum of Immigration on Ellis Island documents the massive influx of immigrants coming to New York seeking a new life over the last two centuries. Millions of New Yorkers and Americans can trace their roots back to settlers arriving at the immigration control point which is now the museum and island.

What to Do

Visit the Museums
New York is a top destination for museums, architecture and art in general. Visit some of the best museums in the world such as:

American Museum of Natural History
Metropolitan Museum of Art - MET
Museum of Modern Art

Relax in Central Park
Central Park, especially in the spring, summer and autumn months is a hive of activity. Picnic, walk, cycle, read a book or people watch in this world famous and loved park.

A show on Broadway
Theatre at it's best. The shows are relatively pricey and getting tickets can be a long process but nothing beats a good matinee or evening feature "On Broadway".

Sports events

Spend the night out
Start by any one of the great bars, head off to a great restaurant, hit another bar or go clubbing. Up to you but don't stay out too late...

What to Do

There's no shortage of beer in NYC. Try the local microbrews rather than the giant American beers as these can be found just about anywhere and are no more than average quality.

Delis almost define New York. These tend to serve breakfast and lunch daily. There's both unhealthy and healthy options for you to choose from so it depends on your mood, hangover or preference.

Little Italy is of course full of Italian restaurants. There are also plenty around town for you to have a taste of a salad, pizza, pasta, fish or meat dish in a popular Italian style.

Chinatown is almost a city on it's own. Take a walk through Chinatown and enjoy some Dim Sum, noodles, rice, duck, bok choi or any other speciality.

Fast Food
They are indeed available and pretty much everywhere. The usual suspects fill the list of options for your fast food craving.

What to Sleep

You can find several world famous hotels in New York as well as the lesser known but good hotels. Many of the main hotel sites will have listings for you in New York City.

Find New York Hotels.

Hostels and cheap accommodation in New York City are by no means in short supply. Search and book New York Hostels. The prices vary between a New York budget hotel and a hostel with many being well located within easy reach of popular attractions.

How to Move

As would be excepted from such a Metropolis several airports are convenient for international flights. These are La Guardia, JFK and Newark in New Jersey. Use the links below for more information about each airport.

Newark Airport
New York JFK Airport
New York La Guardia Airport

With the amount of flights to New York, it's not very hard to find a convenient time and price for a trip to this great American city no matter where you are coming from.

Taxis and Cabs
Cabs are a great, yet somewhat expensive way to get around New York and the other boroughs. They're yellow by the way...

You can rent a car in New York but it will cost you a fortune in time, maps, gasoline and traffic jams. Catch a cab instead.

Public Transport
The public transportation system in New York is very well developed and an excellent way to get around. You can get more details on the New York Public Transport system by visiting www.mta.nyc.ny.us

Ferries connect Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Ellis Island and New Jersey with regular trips throughout the day and are a great way to see the city's skyscrapers, catch a view of the Statue of Liberty and other islands around NYC.

Find out more about the New York Ferries.

Walking around the areas you are interested in visiting is a great way to get a feel and look at the city. Some distances are a bit too far so consider catching a cab or using the public transport system to get to where you want to be.

New York is no longer the high crime city it once was. Visitors can walk without fear but when you see a dark alley at night and decide to walk down it, you are on your own.


English but Spanish is also widely spoken with many other international languages spoken in various pockets around the city.

US Dollar split into 100 cents.

Time Zone
GMT -5 to GMT -6 with daylight savings.

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