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The Southern coast of Morocco is home to the dramatic and beautiful scenery of the Atlantic coupled with arid conditions, mountains and argan trees. Relatively untouched the coast is a favourite on the European surf trail with Taghazoute at its' epicentre.
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What to See

Spices in the Souq
The main town in southern Morocco. It was devastated by a massive earthquake in 1960 but is now growing quickly and is a popular resort area. With half a million inhabitants, Agadir is a biggish city on the relatively undeveloped southern coast of Morocco. The large Souq al-Had is great for shopping and finding gifts for friends and family or just to walk around and pick up some fresh fruits and vegeables. The old Kasbah has excellent views over the important port of Agadir. The Agadir Medina is a popular attraction as a Berber village with artisanal crafts and a café. The Corniche is home to hotels catering to the European and other visitors looking for a bit of sand, sea and sun.

The centre of the Moroccan surf scene. Located about 20 kms north of Agadir, Taghazout is a small coastal village with a thriving surf scene overpowering what in reality is a small fishing village. The waves around Taghazout are world famous as world class right hand pointbreaks. Town itself is a mixture of surf shops, accommodation, surf schools, restaurants, various other shops, mosques amid fishermen trying to ply their trade off the Atlantic coast.

Surf wise, there are many options around Taghazout with the more famous ones being Killer Point and Anchor (Anka) Point. Others include La Source, Hash Point, Cro-Cro Beach, Devil's Rock and Banana Point. Further up the coast are Draculas and Boilers. Make sure you know what you are doing or are with someone who does before attempting to surf a spot you are unsure about.

View in Tamraght
Tamraght lies in between Agadir and Taghazout. It's a small village with a few shops, café, surf schools and mosques. It's a bit of a sleepy hollow but is a nice spot if you are looking for something quieter and cleaner than Taghazout. Devil's Rock, Cro-cro Beach and Banana Point are a short 2 minute drive from Tamraght.

Devil's Rock
Surf Devil's Rock
Devil's Rock is a popular beach for beginners learning to surf. That said, it can have a nice peeling wave for longboarders. Many surf schools frequent the beach daily. Boards are available for rent at the beach. A nice café is situated right on the beach. Cro-cro beach is right on the other side of Devil's Rock.

Tamri, further north up the coast from Taghazoute, is a small village known for it's delicious bananas. Above town, on the road through, a nice café serves you well with beautiful views over the valley.

An amazing bay, popular with surfers when it's on.

Experience the desert south of Agadir and an amazing untouched coastline. Go with someone who knows the area, with a 4X4 or a tour.

What to Do

It's the thing to do. There are plenty of schools and rentals around. Just make sure you are with a reputable company as there are many chancers around trying to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists.

For a fantastic surf adventure, choose Moroccan Surf Adventures

Go to Agadir and shop or visit the locals and buy local produce, crafts and gifts.

Get a full body argan oil massage. Very relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

Camel Ride
Get up and travel around in style.

The food is amazing.

Check out the goats
They climb trees, they do.

Chill out
It's Morocco. But beware, pushing it too far can get you into trouble. Respect the local laws.

What to Eat

Argan Oil
The argan tree is indigenous to Morocco and it is the only place in the world where the tree bears the fruit with which this prized oil is made. Eat it with bread, have a massage with it, use it as a beauty product. Versatile and healthy.

Local olives are delicious and so is the olive oil.

Fresh from the Atlantic Ocean. Over the barbecue with a bit of salt and some bread.

Traditional stew made in a conical ceramic dish. Lamb, Chicken, Kefta, fish, you name it with lots of red onion. Delicious blend of spices, aromas and flavours.

Mint Tea
A pleasurable drink, with a little ritual before serving.

Tamri and Aourir produce excellent bananas.

Drink Bottled water.
A North African staple and good with tagine too.

A Moroccan wrap with chicken, beef and keftas with lettuce, tomato, onion and sauce.

Where to Sleep

You can find excellent hotels in the Morocco, Agadir and Taghazout. Many of the main hotel sites will have listings for you nearby. Find Taghazout Hotels.

There are loads of hostels and cheap accommodation options in the Taghazout, Agadir and Taghazout. Prices vary from hostel to hostel but are generally affordable. Search and book a hostel in the Agadir.

How to Move

Agadir airport is the biggest regional airport and is served by international flights. The airport code is AGA.

If you are really brave, rent a car. If you don't like crazy drivers, bad driving and little respect for the rules, then don't. Note that there are many roadblocks and care should be taken when going through these.

There are two kinds. Petit Taxis operate within a specific area, typically a city and Grands Taxis that can take you from city to city and beyond.

There is an extensive bus network run by CTM.

There is an extensive train network run by ONCF


Moroccan Arabic and Berber. Many locals speak French and a bit of English.

Time Zone
GMT +1

Moroccan Dirham

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