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Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, lies in a valley amongst the large sun soaked mountains of the central Namibian corridor. The business, tourism and administrative centre of the country, Windhoek is the best place to organise your car rental, accommodation, routes, tour bookings and to enjoy a night of luxury prior to heading out and visiting the rest of the country.
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What to See

Parliament in Windhoek
Located just behind the Christus Kirche are the Namibian Parliament buildings where short guided tours of the assembly buildings are possible. Inquire inside the main buildings at the reception desk for tour times.

Christus Kirche in Windhoek
Located somewhat inappropriately where Fidel Castro Street and Robert Mugabe Avenue meet, Christus Kirche is one of Windhoek's most photographed and impressive buildings. The Evangelical Lutheran Church lies at the top of a hill and overlooks all of central Windhoek. Construction of the church started in 1907 until the church consecration of 1910. The interior stained glass windows are of particular interest.

If the church is closed, visit 12 Fidel Castro Street to get the keys, leave a small donation.

Independence Avenue
Independence Avenue is the main drag in Windhoek. Most places of interest in the centre of the capital are accessible off Independence Avenue.

Zoo Park
Just off Independence Avenue is Zoo park, a small inner-city park with lush greenery and palm trees where the Elephant Column and the War Memorial can be seen. The Elephant column marks the spot where primitive tools and elephant remains were once found. The war memorial is dedicated to the German casualties suffered while fighting against the Nama and Hendrik Witbooi, their leader.

Alte Feste and State Museum
The Alte Feste and State Museum has on display a collection of tools, photographs and art detailing the modern history of Namibia.

For more information on the country as a whole, please visit our Namibia Travel Guide.

What to Do

Visit the world-renowned Etosha National Park for an unforgettable African Safari.

The shopping in the Post Street Mall is excellent. Many bargains and/or stylish African goods can be bought in the extensive mall.

Eat Out
If you are looking for hearty food and drinks in a social environment, go to Joe's Beerhouse. If you would prefer something different and original, try La Marmite on Independence Avenue for some excellent West African cuisine.

Museums of interest in Windhoek include the Alte Feste and State Museum and the Owela Museum, Bushman Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Namibia. All of these are in the city center and accessible by foot from one another.

What to Eat

Many similarities between the Namibian and the South African diets exist. More information on this can be found on our South Africa Travel Guide.

Breaded and fried fillet of meat served alone, with vegetables or in a bun.

Namibia Breweries produces some excellent beers! Try Windhoek, Windhoek Light or Tafel. They are all particularly good on a hot day!

Where to Sleep

There are plenty of hostels in Windhoek. Prices vary from hostel to hostel but are generally affordable. Search for and book a hostel in Windhoek.

A variety of hotels are available in central Windhoek. Many of the main hotel sites will have listings for you in Windhoek. Find Windhoek Hotels.

Camping in Namibia is very popular and there are campsites around the country. If you are going to camp in Namibia and do not have much experience with the harsh conditions you may experience, we suggest you get as much information as possible or alternatively book a camping holiday through a recognised tour operator. You can find out more about camping in Namibia by visiting http://www.nacobta.com.na or Namibia Wildlife Resorts.

How to Move

Windhoek Hosea Kutako International airport is about 40 kilometres from Central Windhoek. It is a small airport by international standards but all facilities including car hire, foreign exchange and shuttle services are available. There are major airports in Windhoek, Luderitz, Swakopmund and many other towns around the country.

Namibian Airlines is the national carrier of Namibia and can be reached at www.airnamibia.com.na

The main highways in Namibia are in good condition, secondary roads are generally well maintained and made of gravel. Drive carefully on gravel and avoid driving at night. Most roads and tourist destinations are navigable by standard vehicles but a truck or bakkie with 4X4 capabilities is recommended for more comfortable conditions and more remote destinations.


Windhoek is a safe city for those who are careful with their belongings and are aware of their surroundings. It is unforgiving to those who venture down dark alleys, are careless with their bags and wallets and unaware that crime is just around the corner. Walk in groups and be wary of strangers approaching you. Travel by taxi at night, the city is not safe after dark for pedestrian tourists.

English is the official language. German and Afrikaans are also widely spoken and understood. African languages include Herero, Himba, Owambo, Nama, Damara, Caprivian, Kavango and coloureds.

The Namibian Dollar which can be split into 100 cents and is linked to the South African Rand. The South African Rand is widely accepted throughout Namibia.

Time Zone
GMT +2 during the northern hemisphere fall and winter months and GMT +1 during the spring and summer.

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