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Warmer and Warmer

We watched An Inconvenient truth the other day. Al Gore really does get his point across well. He’s a great orator with a great great great yet worrying movie under his belt now.

It’s a bit of a depressing topic unfortunately, wasting away our lovely little planet, but it’s also one that needs addressing pronto. It also highlights that if WE work together we can really do something good for nature, for once. What’s really good about the movie is the way they get the message across in an educational yet interesting fashion. It could have been the driest movie ever, but it wasn’t, it was gripping and interesting throughout.

We as humans are nothing short of a plague of locusts really. We plunder, burn, eat and destroy pretty much anything we can get our hands on. Most of the time to make a quick buck or two. And now, what’s happening, CO2 is rising so rapidly that the graph Gore shows looks like the Matterhorn. Rising, rising, rising to levels never seen before and with that, all its correlated problems.

So what can we do? We can buy nature friendly products, we can switch that light off when we’re not in the room, buy local products, walk or ride a bicycle more often, make use of public transport more often, group together as a whole to force companies to improve efficiencies and make use of better technologies.

It’s a bit rich coming from me with a 2.8 turbo diesel and a site about traveling but I’m trying, slowly but surely. Everyday, I cut something else out and I give a colleague a ride everyday so that’s good. There’s lots more I can do but I need access to new safer products as does everyone else. And fast!

June 1st, 2007

Learn a Language

Language is always used. It’s one of the best tools in life. Be it French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Turkish, English, Russian or Xhosa. When we communicate orally, we generally use a language unless we just grunt and even then, that could probably constitute a language.

When travelling, languages are always useful. The more you know, the better chance you have of being understood and getting what you are looking for. It’s amazing how many people go abroad on their travels and expect locals to speak their language. You are in their country, the least you could do is at least try and say hello in their language. It’s usually pretty easy in their native tongue. A simple local “hello” will open more doors for you than a brash, “Hey, why don’t you speak my language, look look, I am here, speak my language.

I’ve always tried to learn at least a few basics before going somewhere I don’t speak the language. I speak 3 fluently and can converse and read in 4 more so I enjoy languages. I grew up in a household where 3 different languages could have been spoken at any given time. Before my wife and I went to Istanbul, I forced myself to learn hello, thank you, please, count from 1-10 and a few other useful words in Turkish. It definetely helped, I caught the taxi driver out trying to set his meter to late night tariffs while we were in broad daylight and gave him a piece of my mind in broken Turkish! Felt good.

So why not grow out of that single language mindframe and learn another one? My wife is, she’s busy learning French, good for her. Then Spanish, Italian and Portuguese will come that much easier to her. I’m very proud of her efforts despite the obvious difficulties of learning another language.

So learn another one, go travelling where they speak your newly acquired tool and let that smile on your hosts face make your day brighter.

April 10th, 2007

Racing through the desert to Dakar

One of the coolest races in the world is taking place currently. The Dakar Rallye. It’s a fantastic race with some real tough cookies competing against each other through some of the ruggedest and least forgiving terrain in the world. It’s really worth having a look at the mean machines and racers giving the race a go –

I use to dream of competing in this race, not sure it will ever happen, but maybe one day, dreams do come true…Now to find the funding… 🙂

January 12th, 2007

Help the Community

This site has been going for a while now, in fact, over 5 years and is still going strong. Thanks to all of those who visit, contribute and make suggestions.

I just wanted to point out that if you happen to come across something inaccurate or incorrect on the site, let us know. If we are wrong then clearly we made a mistake and are spreading disinformation which is unhelpful and that’s exactly what we want to avoid.

That brings me to my next point. A while ago I was trawling search results involving this site and came across an entry by some dude in Spain who said Travelcreek was spreading a load of bullocks about this or that part of Spain. That’s exactly the attitude that will get you nowhere fast. Instead of pointing out the error to us and thus enhancing the site and helping people, he just decided to write a blog entry and be just plain nasty. How useful is that? Not very at all!

So basically, please let us know about our errors that way everyone can enjoy their holiday to the max!

Happy Holidays!

December 20th, 2006


I was driving home the other day to find a miserably lost doberman cross ridgeback female on the path to the house. She looked completely disorientated and thirsty. I tried to get her back to the house several times before be being successful. We looked around the area for the owner and even put up a sign 5 days ago but still haven’t heard anything. We’re not sure we want to keep the poor thing but she’s very sweet. She’s clever. She’s energetic. She’s well behaved. She doesn’t bother our cats too much and she has a funny way of snapping when she wants to play. On top of that, she likes to run around the farm with my wife on her daily run so I’m quite happy about that. So far we’ve named her Nemo and are still pondering whether or not to keep her. I don’t think we’ll be able to go to the SPCA with her, it would be too emotional for us. Besides that, I can’t even get her into my truck! Anyway, we’ll see what gives and we may even have a new addition to the family. Check the sweety below!


September 30th, 2006


It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. We all have to sell something eventually, even ourselves to potential clients or partners. I kinda like reading a blog called salespodder that covers all sorts of topics with regards to sales, general commentary, pop culture and selling tips.

September 7th, 2006

PR Stunts and the flavour of the month

Africa truly is the flavour of the month. I was on the plane yesterday reading my fantastic Time Magazine in which the current issue has an article about Madonna and her interest in helping the orphans of Malawi. I commend her “trying” to help the orphans of Malawi. That’s great. Thing is, she might want to visit Africa before coming in trailblazing.

The article said that Madonna’s aim was to help raise $3 million fo the orphans of Malawi. Wow! Madonna raising a whole $3 million dollars for the Malawian children. Really, think about it, $3 million, Madonna and charity? How well do those words go together, not really. It probably takes her a whole week of work or sales to make $3 million for the kids. The one good thing I can take though is that she is financing a documentary to raise awareness about the kids as well for a reported $1 million.

It’s pretty clear to me that this is simply a PR stunt by the old lady. I don’t have much time for her anymore, all the stories that seem to surround her just leave a bad taste in my mouth. Frankly I think she is an evil old cow just trying to piggy-back off the recent spotlight on Africa and improve her “image” to sell more of her crap albums. She is like the female version of Dr.Evil and everything she is up to is simply a way to push her name, brand, image and all that crap associated with her.

What I really want to see her do is raise $3 million for the orphans and match the double of that to give the little kids $9 million worth of medicine, school books, desks, pencils, paper, milk and vitamins, and then do it all again next year. Then I’ll change my mind.

That’s my 2 cents, if you don’t like my opinion, tough, I’m not forcing you to read it, go play in traffic.

August 21st, 2006

Travel Support System

It’s a good idea to keep certified copies of your passport and travel documents with you en route in a different bag than the one you carry around all day. We have no doubt heard about it before, but how many of us follow it through unless we are inconvenienced on a trip away for home?

Certified copies of your documents will save you loads of time and trouble in the event of losing or having your docs stolen from you for that all important flight home or to your next destination.

You might also consider knowing where to locate your nearest Consulate or Embassy when abroad to assist you in challenging times. Also, make sure you know to what extent your medical aid or travel insurance covers you in the event of an emergency. Remember the adage “A stitch in time might just save nine” and then some …!

August 8th, 2006

Does Loyalty Pay?

Loyalty schemes rewarding customers, vouchers, cash back and air miles are all something that we are familiar with. And lets face it, loyalty is worth it when you get bucks in your hand and /or a rebate on your travel. The principle is simple – the more you spend the more you get in return – or not – as in the case with some airlines who make it so difficult for you to redeem your air miles by spending endless hours on the phone or simply not updating their records with recent miles that you have earned.

While it is tempting to wash your hand of the irritation and forget the whole thing, don’t give up just yet. If it is on offer then you should jump at the idea of a freebie especially those of you who are frequent fliers. Some tips to assist you include remembering to keep your boarding pass and to hand deliver it to the customer service counter.

Any other bright ideas you might have are welcome, send us your comments, we want them!

1 comment June 19th, 2006

World Cup Fever

I might be sick right now but it would still be fantastic to be in Germany right now taking part in the biggest sports event in the world, the World Cup.

The only problem I can see with being there right now is having to share the event with English Louts and Yobos and a whole bunch of Germans, 80 odd million to be exact. But let’s not make too many generalisations. 🙂

The parties, the love, the excitement, the games and the beer. Should be a great time, no matter who takes the trophy home. The games last night were pretty cool. Germany and Costa Rica had a goal fest and Ecuador surprised Poland with a left uppercut.

Here’s to a great tournament and may the best French Team win. 🙂

June 10th, 2006

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